Final Exam



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cb creations, brought to you by yours truly, Christine & Briana


blue thing.jpg
This blue sculpture is one of the most noticeable and well known on all of Grand Valley’s campus. It has been said that if you walk under it the wrong way you won’t graduate.


Welcome to the Arboretum! There are lots of fun things to do in one of the nicest parts of the Allendale campus. You can learn more about them if you check out our video, we gave you a tour — you’re welcome!



white thing.jpg
I’m going to be really honest here, I have no idea what this is. I (kinda) like the way it looks, and I walk past it every day. This wondrous sculpture is on the Allendale campus situated between Zumberge and Lake Huron Hall.


bike man.jpg
This is Briana and I with one of my best friend, Bill Seidman. He likes to hang out outside of the Mary Idema Pew Library, on the Allendale campus. He won’t let me borrow his bike though. 😦


After about 15 tries, here’s our Quidditching Meme.


Surprisingly enough, we got this one on the first try. Vadering Meme– or exorcism? Unknown.


This one took us a while, but it turned out nicely: Hadouken Meme.











This here is my friend, Mr. Fish. He lives right next to Zumberge pond, and I think that’s truly inspiring, but also depressing. So many of us are so close to reaching our dreams, and he’s just sitting there, 5 feet away from his dreams. Look at his face, you can tell he’s tired of watching all the other fish swim around, while college students just sit on him.


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This is the report for the overall private giving in the past 10 years. I’m interested to know what Grand Valley did in 2010 that got them almost 30 million dollars, and what did they do in 2011 and 2012 that brought their annual donations down so far. To learn more about it check out this website.


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Of all the memes in the land, Gavin has to be my favorite. Although he isn’t one singular meme, he is very funny. He has the most interesting expressions, and the captions that people put with his pictures are very relatable. If you want a good laugh check out this page full of Gavin memes.

Thanks again for a fantastic semester! Have a great holiday season!